Fantaspoa Festival Official Competition / July

Psalm 21 opens in Swedish cinemas on November 5th 2010.


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Henrik Horneus is a beloved Stockholm priest who recently has been dreaming increasingly frightening nightmares about his dead mother.

One day after service, he learns that his admired father, Gabriel Horneus, also a priest, has died mysteriously in a drowning accident. Henrik has not met him since he was a little boy, when his father, following his divorce to Henrik's mother, moved up to his childhood village.
Henrik journeys through the dark, endless forests of Northern Sweden up the desolate village Borgvattnet to investigate his father's mysterious death.

Henrik's inquiries about his father's death leads deeper than he could ever imagine - they lead all the way back to his childhood. To the answer why his mother haunts him in his dreams.

And up here - even when awake.

Meanwhile, the conflict between Henry and Ivar, the father of the Lidman family, deepens. Inspired by Olle, the son of the family, Henrik begins to suspect that his father was murdered.

And that Ivar weld the ax.

The demons at night and the murder mystery at day forces Henrik down the frightening road to the final resolution - to his darkest nightmare.

Where truth awaits.

And the demons.

Psalm 21 Psalm 21