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Fantaspoa Festival Official Competition / July

Psalm 21 opens in Swedish cinemas on November 5th 2010.


For inquires regarding distribution in Sweden and Scandinavia, please contact Albert Avramovic by e-mail: info@cinematicvision.com or by phone: +46 705 78 44 19.

For press inquiries, please contact press agent Mikael Ericsson at Merix Media by e-mail: mikael@merixmedia.com or by phone: +46 704 27 53 53, or Karin Dufvander Tränk by e-mail: karin.dufvander.trank@gmail.com or by phone: + 46 736 49 60 07.

For inquiries regarding international sales, please contact Michael Werner at Nonstop Sales by e-mail: michael.werner@turner.com or by phone: +46 707 33 28 55.

Regarding production and festival inquiries, please contact producer and director Fredrik Hiller by e-mail: fredrik@psalm21.se